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Aisha Jawed 

BSc, Msc, PhD Candidate 


Eating Disorders, Sleep, Behaviour,
The Adolescent Brain

Aisha is a PhD candidate where she is currently researching the role of sleep and cognitive functioning in adolescents with Eating Disorders where her focus is mainly on Anorexic females. 

She has eight years of experience in teaching and as Head of ICT. She has 7 years of experience as an Educational Consultant and Psychologist as she is intrigued by the human mind. Her main interest is to look into understanding the issues of the adolescents including their studies, planning their career path, counseling students and parents and working closely with different universities in UK. 

She completed her undergraduate degree in Computer Application (BCA) and BA English (Honors) from University of Delhi and holds an MBA. She also holds a Post-Graduate Certificate is in Counseling Psychology from City University in 2015, and MSc in Psychology of Education from the UCL in 2016. 

Research interests include: sleeping disorders, eating disorders, sleep intervention, neurodevelopmental disorders, the adolescent brain.

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