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Michaella Chadiarakos

BA, MSc, Ph.D Candidate

Autism, Sleep, Memory 

Following my BA (Hons) in Psychology, I completed my MSc in Child Development at UCL, Institute of Education. This is when I became interested in the complex relations of sleep and its unique impact on the development of typical and atypical individuals.


My research in particular, examined sleep-dependent memory consolidation in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The findings provided interesting insights on how sleep actively strengthens and stabilizes memories in children with ASD. The work was presented at the annual IMFAR conference in 2017, in San Francisco. 


Following my graduation I joined LiLAS and have worked as a research assistant to further examine the influence on sleep and  biological markers such as cortisol, on children with Williams Syndrome.


I hope to continue my research endeavours with a phd in the near future! 

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