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Siu Sing Sam Wong

BSc (Hons), MPhil, PhD Student


In-training Member (AASM)

Emotion Regulation, Sleep, Dreaming, Autism

Sam Wong_Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Sam currently is the PhD student in Sleep Education and Research Laboratory (SERL) at UCL IOE under the supervision of Professor Dagmara Dimritiou, investigating sleep difficulties and dreaming of autistic people in relation to their emotion regulation. With the expertise of Prof. Dimritiou, he PhD research mainly focuses on the sleep of autistic adults. 

Before the beginning of his PhD study, he completed the M.Phil degree in Neuropsychology Laboratory at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. He investigated the influence of emotion regulation on dreaming, including nightmare and lucid dreaming, and trained to conduct EEG sleep experiment. 

Alongside his academic study and the role of research assistant in several universities in Hong Kong, he had engaged in special education being a teaching assistant in both primary and special schools in Hong Kong where he assisted student learning and provided limited psychosocial training. 

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