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Dagmara Dimitriou  

PhD (Birkbeck), Lab Director

Cognition, Developmental Trajectories, Sleep and Learning, Autism,
Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Cancer, CBT-Insomnia

I am interested in sleep and its relation to cognitive and behaviour functioning across the lifespan. My work focuses on examining sleep across lifespan in healthy individuals and in individuals with neuro-developmental conditions such as Autism, Williams Syndrome, Down Syndrome, FASD and ADHD.


In the last few years I have developed an interest to examine the impact of sleep disturbances on individuals with prostate cancer, breast cancer and chronic pain. We are currently interested in clinical trials using sleep wearables, CBT-I and pharmacological advances in sleep medications.

In my lab, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to examine sleep in relation to  cognitive, behavioural and academic abilities. Some of the methods include cognitive tests, biomarkers and behavioural tests. 

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