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 Dyslexia & Sleep

A community study recently conducted at UCL amongst children with dyslexia found an increased prevalence of clinical sleep problems in dyslexic children.


Sleep disturbances and disorders have been reported to frequently occur in many neurodevelopmental conditions including ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The connection of dyslexia and sleep however to this date has been sparsely explored. 

So it came as groundbreaking news when the results of a recent community study (in publication) suggested, that the majority of children with dyslexia suffer from sleep disturbances, such as delayed sleep onset and short sleep duration, not all triggered by anxiety.


Given the importance of sleep for optimal development, there is an alarming need for more studies to be carried out to further explore a potential connection between dyslexia and sleep problems and to develop sleep interventions. 

As a first step we will conduct a community study among university students with dyslexia, further research is in preparation.

If you are interested in these results  please contact us.


Katrin Jeffcock Mac  -

Prof. Dagmara Dimitriou -

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