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Mina Jeon  

BSc, Msc, PhD Candidate 


Cultural Comparison, Sleep, Cognition, ASC

Mina obtained her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London in 2015. She has coauthored 7 publications and is currently undertaking a PhD course in the department of psychology and Human Development at University College London Institute of Education under the supervision of Dr. Dagmara Dimitriou and Dr. Jessica Hayton. 

Her current research focuses on cultural differences in sleep problems of typically developing children and children with ASC and its impact on their attention and cognition. 

Given the importance of sleep in children, many researchers have studied biological and psychological factors influencing children's sleep, but there has been a lack of interest in cultural influences on children's sleep. However, there are considerable variations in sleeping patterns of children in different countries including bedtime, wake time, and sleep duration. Especially, Asian children showed later bedtimes, shorter night-time sleep and more sleep problems compared to Caucasian children. Moreover, different sleep environments have been reported whereby Asian children were more likely to room-share. However, this evidence is only based on questionnaires. Therefore, she aims to investigate accurate sleep patterns of children by using objective sleep measures and compare the sleep patterns of children in the UK, Singapore, and South Korea. 

She is also proceeding Sloth Scientist workshops which are a series of interactive activity workshops for children aged between 6 and 13, running every Saturday between 28th April and 4th August at the UCL Institute of Education. Children will be guided through some fun and creative activities designed to make them think about the world around them. They will then take part in a series of computer and brain games.

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