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The Sloth Scientists workshop is a free, half day workshop for children, running every Saturday between the 28th April and 4th of August at the UCL Institute of Education. 


Children are introduced to the fascinating world of the mind and sleep, via Professor Slothington, who sleeps up to 20 hours a day! 


Children will be guided through some fun and creative activities designed to make them think about the world around them. They then take part in a series of computer and brain games activities, while we get the opportunity to learn about children’s sleep, attention, memory and language. 


Children aged between 6-13 welcome to attend.

Preference given to children on the Autism or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum. 

Information for Parents 


Please bear in mind that Sloth Scientist workshops are research focussed, and are a way of allowing our researchers to gain valuable information about children’s cognition, emotions, behaviours, and sleep.


The children will be engaged in an interactive, art and drama session based around the theme of the brain, the mind, dreams and consciousness. And of course Sloths. 


The session will also involve 1:1 sessions with each child measuring their attention, memory and language. 

We will also be taking sleep measurements through the use of an Actiwatch. This is a special watch, worn on the wrist, that measures movement and sleep epochs over the course of 3-5 days. You will either be given an actiwatch on the day, or will be sent one in the post. 


All parents will be asked to fill in questionnaires detailing their children’s development. As is standard in all research, you or your child may opt out of any activity you do not wish to complete. 

You will receive a detailed report of your child's sleep, attention, memory, language, emotion, behaviour and social perception. 

Your child will receive a certificate acknowledging their new status as a Sloth Scientist. 

To book a place for your child please use the link below. 

On the Day  


Sloth Scientists runs on Saturdays between 10.00am-1.00pm or 2.00pm-5.00pm. One hour of this will be spent on testing activities, and the other two hours are some fun activities and games we have arranged for the children. You would be required to fill in a questionnaire about your child's development, but are welcome to go and have a coffee around lovely Bloomsbury while we take care of the kids! We are all DBS checked and teachers so there is no worry there. 

Information for Teachers 

Are you looking for a class trip idea for the summer term? 

Please get in touch with us for more information on logistics. 

Our Address: 

20 Bedford Way



Our Team:  

Rabya Mughal >>

Wasmia Bin Eid >>

Mina Jeon >>

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Beatrice Chua 

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