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Dr Stephen Mangar

Research Co-Lead  

Honorary Associate Professor UCL

Senior Consultant Oncologist, Imperial College


Dr Mangar is leading our studies on sleep and cancer.

Dr Mangar is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist involved in prostate cancer management and research for the last 18 years at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He is committed to integrating high quality research into the clinical arena for the benefit of his patients. He has participated in various National Cancer Research Network trials which have changed clinical practice such as RT01, CHHiP, STAMPEDE and PATCH, in addition to commercially funded projects, and collaboration with international colleagues.


He is a member of the Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre at Imperial and has been the Chief Investigator for studies examining novel radionuclide tracers for imaging prostate cancer. His current interests involve improving prostate radiotherapy outcomes in particular exploring extreme hypofractionation in prostate cancer using Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR). He has recently completed recruitment for his own investigator led trial using sleep wearables such as actigraphy to objectively assess sleep patterns in patients receiving hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.


He is a prostate cancer UK champion and is an FRCR examiner. He is the lead for radiotherapy QA for national prostate trials such as ATANTA and CHRONOS.

He has a vison that his research will make a significant impact into treatment delivery and improving the quality of life for prostate cancer patients. His recent work at SERL lab includes examining sleep in relation to cognitive and behavioural outcomes in different medical conditions.

Key publications

Mondal S, Edwards S, Wibowo E, Ahmed H, Wassersug RJ, Ellis J, Isaac M, Dimitriou D, Mangar S. (2022). Evaluating Patterns and Factors Related to Sleep Disturbances in Prostate Cancer Patients. Healthcare. 30;10(5):832.

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