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Sleep Focus

Autistic Project

Improving Sleep In Autistic Adults (IMSAA) Informational Video


We have designed this project because many autistic individuals have informed us about experiencing sleep problems. As a result, we want to learn more about these sleep problems in autistic adults and provide ways that may help improve sleep. You have been invited to participate in the next phase of our research project. 


The next phase of the research project involves taking part in a series of online study sessions which we have designed in the hope of improving your sleep.  

The videos below gives an overview of what being involved in this study will entail and can be used alongside the information sheet to help you decide whether you would like to participate.

Please note that this study is a pilot study and these sessions have not been used before. The aim of this study is to gather your feedback on the sessions and use this to inform future studies. 





















If you decide to take part please fill out the google form: and we will be in touch with further details.Any questions about this study please email:   


If you are interested in future studies on this project or research in the lab in general we’d love to hear from you. If you are an autistic individual, a parent, an academic, a professional or simply intrigued, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Alternatively, feel free to contact us using the contact details below or through our Facebook or Twitter pages. This project is funded by the John and Lorna Wing Foundation.

The research team:

​​Dr Dagmara Dimitriou
Dr Elizabeth Halstead

Prof Jason Ellis
Emma Sullivan

Zoe Zambelli

Our advisors: Cos Michael, Jon Adams 

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